Dear Diary,
Namwan sent me a message, this morning, asking if she could send her cousin to me. She lives on a farm next to her own farm. I asked if she was cute and she replied “very”. I then posed the question “does she want to do the same with me as you did with me?” and she replied “yes”.
I decided to take the risk and told her to come this afternoon. She seemed to be happy and said “thank you”, five time… haha
By the afternoon there was still no news. I even started to send her messages, again, asking if she was still coming. She said yes but she was on the bus but then, that’s when I found out that she lives more than 90 minutes away from Chiang Mai, in a little village! Wow, that was even more exciting! A real farmer’s daughter!
Finally at 7pm she arrived. Guys this was a complete surprise for me. Pe is 18yo and just stunningly beautiful! I loved her right away and she really had a great attitude. Smiling and just being lovely.
We started to make pictures and she was absolutely perfect. What a body! Then, those perfect small boobs and yet…
The best part was still to come.
Provincial girls can be a little inexperienced and shy in sex while giving poor service. Not Pe. No. She just loved it when I ate her delicious pussy, she even came! She gave me a perfect BJ and I just loved it, as well. When I fucked her, she made these horny noises and was very active. She came again and I creampied her… twice.
I asked her if she wanted to stay and sleep with me but she really had to go home. She promised her parents to be home before midnight. Cinderella!! Haha. I am a happy man!
Now this is exactly why I like to visit these smaller cities and provinces in SEA!

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