Dear Diary,
I decided to do something special for Pang tonight. She was kind of sad that I didn’t want to barfine her every night, so I took her to a special beach restaurant where they also serve great food in a romantic set up. It’s called the View and it’s about 30 minutes from Pattaya, if you use a bike.
That turned out to be a bad start for the evening because Pang hated to be on the bike so long, especially because of her hair. But… once arrived and she saw how nice this place was, her mood changed in an instant! Great girl, always been.
We ate and I was also happy that she was wearing the dress that I bought for her a few days ago. Also, the high heels were a gift from me. Spoiled lady!
After our very romantic dinner, we went back to Pattaya to party. Pang was totally fun tonight, showing all her dance skills and being very funny.
Then it was back to my room where she was horny as hell, giving me a naked gogo show and before we even went into the shower, I was fucking her wildly! I came and Pang couldn’t stop anymore. She wanted to cum as well and continued to fuck me. I made her cum by eating that delicious pussy of hers.
What a night, probably the last with Pang before I go to Phuket, though. Goodnight

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