Dear Diary,
I changed hotels this morning and went for a little walk around the block where I met a petite beauty walking alone. She had a tattoo and for a Lao girl, this likely indicates that she is a ‘working’ girl. Her English was very bad and I had to use a translator to ask her for some time together. It took me 30 minutes of negotiations but I finally managed to convince her. I was not going to leave this pure, innocent-looking beauty alone on the streets and I was oh-so determined to fuck this one! And yes, I did it!
Her name is Ning, an 18yo shy mall-worker that sells clothing and jewellery. She was on her day off and very willing to do a shoot. In this update here, you’ll get to see just how adorable this little lady is, as she poses and gets undressed for me. For the rest of the action, see today’s Flightclub addition.

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