Dear Diary,
Rebecka invited me to meet in the evening with her best friend May. We met on the little street next to Fields Avenue which is full of little videoke places and Filipino criminals. We ate pizza and went to a videoke bar where Rebecka and May showed me their singing talents… they are not exactly ready for the Filipinos Got Talent show!
So we decide to go to a short-time hotel near the bars, where they could show me their real talents. It was quite fun. The two girls enjoyed posing and acting crazy. We got horny fast enough and had a great threesome. I loved banging May but I need to confess that I was more into Rebecka, once again. She’s simply my favorite now. How could I ever be so serious about Anabel??
After that, I went back to my hotel where Angel was waiting for me. My camera battery was empty so I couldn’t shoot anything. Damn!

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