Dear Diary,
Went for a walk to a local street in Changkat where it is famous to have a lot of short time hotels, restaurants and freelancers at night. Jalan Alor is the name. I was too early for action, knowing that Linda would come at night. This street definitely seems like a typical monger place but I still have to find out what the quality will like be here, at a better time of day/night.
At 8pm, my darling Linda arrived. She still didn’t find a new job but is that really a problem for us ? ?
Man, she was so horny again. She was super-wet from the start, sucking my dick as if she was possessed by it (members happy now?). She also sucked her own thumb when I was playing with her pussy. What a little horny slut, haha. Fucked her like crazy. She is staying the night again but has to leave very early for another job interview.

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