Dear Diary,
I went out for a new KTV night, just outside Changping. I am always impressed with the quantity and quality of the girls that you will find in there. Of course, I had to film in secret inside. Chinese are very scared of people filming there. The last raid of Changping was caused by undercover agents filming in the KTVs.
Anyways, I found a supercute 18yo newbie named Su. Very shy and innocent. I decided to take her out. In my room, we had to discuss the filming. Again, the typical reaction. Cam on table is ok. Next time, more allowed. It seems to be a typical Chinese phenomenon.
The fuck was ok, just ok. Su had no experience at all. A bit afraid of the size of my dick, that kind of crap. I fucked her and could creampie her without condom so why should I complain, really. I have her number. Let’s hope that she will come back for a real shoot. I could teach her a lot ??

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