Dear Diary,
I woke up this morning with my two new girlfriends Dera and Ayon. Yes, girlfriends! We agreed on that last night and it was confirmed this morning.
One girlfriend never worked out for me, so let’s try 2!
After waking up, having a shower and having breakfast, they left. They would come back tomorrow. But in the afternoon, I decided to go to Bangkok tomorrow. There are a few reasons for that: Firstly, the guys from Tuktukpatrol asked me to meet up in Bangkok on Sunday and asked if I would go out on a hunt, too, for a future episode. I can’t say no to that. But also important, I decided to go to China in March. For that, I need to go in person to the Chinese embassy in Bangkok to proceed for a VISA. So that is what I will do on Monday morning before coming back to Pattaya and my two girlfriends.
I called them and they were sad that I left already. I promised to come back for them on Monday.

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