Dear Diary,
I have been waiting til 3 am last night before the two girls arrived. They go to Insomnia every night and probably when they made enough cash with short times, they came to sleep with me. That’s very normal for a Pattaya girl. Never get fooled, guys, I told you already.
Once you leave them alone, they will fuck with every guy presenting money. They can still be serious about loving you but that doesn’t change a thing. I always feel sorry for the guys sending Western Union money to their ‘faithful GF’ in Pattaya. What a joke.
Anyways, I take it as it is and I fucked my girls in the morning. It was a strange way to fuck, they continued to talk and laugh. It was like I was not even there. But it was good.
They left in their blue dresses. They went out in Blue last night with a few other girls.

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