Dear Diary,
I was bored all day today. I’m starting to feel the need to get out of Angeles. Tonight I went barhopping and finally I found a bargirl that didn’t mind me to filming her. A skinny, model-type beauty namedCarla. She was totally fun in the bar along with her best Felicity. I loved the way they were playing with the balloons and Carla even showed me how she gives a BJ by demonstrating on a penis-shaped balloon! Haha!
I offered them both a few drinks but was doubting if I would take them both to my hotel. I preferred to take Carla alone and would probably come back another time for Felicity. I took her phone number, so maybe I can even try to get her without a barfine.
Anyway, I barfined Carla and we came back here. Everything went very easy. She loved posing for me and I really adored her skinny body and little boobs. The fucking came very naturally and I got so horny banging that tight little ass of hers. It’s good to just fuck a bargirl once in a while! She must have liked me a little bit because she decided to sleep over; which is getter rarer these days for AC bargirls.

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