Dear Diary,
Been texting with Nam this morning. As many of you asked her to come back, I tried to make a new date with her after school. She said she wanted but that her mom would not allow it this time. She asked me if I could visit her mom first. Now guys, this is tempting but it’s also risky. It could mean that they will talk about being serious with her and give money and stuff. I have to think about this but I am honestly not eager to do this now.
I heard a lot about cheap brothels just outside the city center, so I asked a tuktuk driver to bring me to one. It was a 20 min ride and we arrived at some dark hotel. I was wondering if I was going to be robbed or killed, until I saw the girls entering the room. There were 7 girls and I chose the best one, to my taste. This was better than I expected, honestly. I prefer to take a girl to my own hotel.
After being done there, the tuktuk driver brought me back to Bor Pen Nyang. There, on request of some members, Banana was waiting for me and was really happy to see me. She brought another girl, her neighbor. We talked and had a drink but I went back to my room alone. Banana had her mens ??

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