Dear Diary,
I took the day off. I felt weak but around 6pm it was all over so I then went to the beach to check out the bars.
I saw some hot babes and was thinking about who to talk with until somebody else decided for me. It was Anna, who came to sit next to me and was determent to stay with me tonight.
I said “yes” if I could make pictures. She didn’t mind that at all. Up to my room then!
She got shy once I showed her my bigger camera but nevertheless, she agreed to continue. I like this girl… beautiful face and a tall body. Her pussy and tits were not that special, hairy … but ok, let’s see what I could do with it!
She started with a good blowjob. It was smooth and sweet. She liked it. That’s important. Then, it was my turn to fuck her in all of my favorite positions. Great fuck with a not-so-typical looking Thai girl.
I asked her later if she was a Thai, she said yes but she has some Korean blood, also. See, that was it.
She stayed 30 minutes longer to chat and then left so I packed my stuff. I’m going to a better hotel tomorrow!

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