Dear Diary,
My phone was red hot because of my message yesterday. Almost 27 girls replied and didn’t stop texting me. I didn’t reply to any of them and just waited for Jopay.
Jopay came over with her best friend, Ann. Not a stunner but I liked her anyways. Jopay had some make-up on and lost some weight. She looked really very sexy. What a smile! I didn’t want to waste too much time, so I asked them to take a shower.
Ann has a nice chubby body. I especially liked her boobs. In bed, I asked for a bj and it all went very well. Ann was very shy at first but once we started to kiss, she was a natural. Apparently, she was a virgin until just 2 month ago. I could feel that very well.
First, I fucked Jopay then went to Ann (nice tight pussy), then back to Jopay and then back to Ann again! Two young Angeles pussies. I am a happy man.
For all the facial cumshot lovers out there, I ended with a great shot on their faces… I am kind of proud of this one. They both got their part and even looked a little artistic.

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